irrigation-headerWithout a doubt the best investment you can make in your landscape is an automated lawn irrigation system. At Poor Boy Lawn Care & Landscaping, we maintain many lawns in Johnson City and the surrounding area. The best lawns we service have lawn sprinkler systems installed.

Irrig-4Lawn irrigation systems save water. Once the soil beneath the lawn becomes dry, it takes a lot of water to re-saturate it. As spring transitions into summer, the dry air draws moisture from the ground. By the time you are aware of this, it is often too late.

Traditional hose and sprinkler setups use a lot of water. Many times, a homeowner will forget to move the sprinkler and over water some areas of their lawn, while other areas do not receive enough.
The automated irrigation systems that Poor Boy Lawn Care and Landscaping installs have advanced controllers that schedule each area of your lawn for the exact amount of water it needs, as well as specific days.

irrigation-2In the event of a drought, many towns and municipalities may even allow lawn sprinkler systems on alternating odd or even days. Our irrigation systems can do all of this automatically. Rain sensors are also available on lawn sprinkler systems, so that your lawn is not getting watered during a rainstorm.

A lawn that is watered regularly is thick and healthy, which helps to prevent a takeover by summer weeds. This can help your lawn fertilizing program tremendously by using less herbicide to control weeds in your lawn. Drought stressed lawns are also subject to grub infestations. Thick, healthy turf grass is the best deterrent for grubs.

Poor Boy Lawn Care & Landscaping installs and services lawn irrigation systems for homeowners throughout the area. Give us a call at 423-612-1205 and let us give you a quote on your lawn irrigation system.