images-4Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful:

A nice lawn is no accident. In fact, year round attention is required to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Here are some tips for setting up a year-round maintenance routine that incorporates a lawn treatment schedule.

What are the main goals of a lawn maintenance schedule? The overall goal of a lawn maintenance schedule is to make sure we address different elements of your landscaping at the right time of year.

Winter time maintenance may be easy to forget about, for instance, but it’s an important part of ensuring a healthy lawn come spring. Creating a schedule for each season can keep you on track all year, especially when it comes to a lawn treatment schedule.

images-3As the weather begins to warm back up around March, think ahead to the spring and summer and get prepared. Spring is one of the busiest times for lawn maintenance. This is when you’ll want us to apply the first treatments of the season, including fertilizer, pre-emergent crab grass treatments and selective weed killer.

Summer is a good time to do spot treatments to areas where weeds have come through your lawn or landscaping. Depending on how wet it is, your grass may grow very quickly and require weekly trimming.

imgres-3What kind of lawn maintenance is needed in the autumn? We’ll provide a fertilizer treatment again in the fall and we’ll be sure to include leaf removal in your lawn maintenance schedule. Leaf cover can be quite damaging to your lawn, especially over the course of the winter, when grass can get smothered beneath layers of leaves, snow and ice.

Lawn treatment and maintenance is a year round endeavor, but the result should be a healthy, attractive lawn to enjoy in the warmer months.