Do you dream of having the perfect outdoor space that’s your own green oasis? An emerald lawn is the perfect backdrop for playing, outdoor entertaining, and making memories. Why wait for seed when you can enjoy a beautiful lawn immediately? Life is short. Sod it! Poor Boy Lawncare and Landscaping offers Northeast Tennessee installation services to install a new lawn that is beautiful, feels wonderful, and is durable enough to stand up to foot traffic and play.
Poor Boy Lawncare and Landscaping will do the job right the first time, thoroughly preparing the proposed new lawn area and giving your lawn the optimal conditions it needs to establish and thrive. Considering an irrigation system to keep your lawn healthy and greener longer? No problem! As a licensed irrigation contractor, Poor Boy Lawncare and Landscaping can meet all of your sprinkler needs. Choose sod installation by the experts at Poor Boy Lawncare and Landscaping, and you’ll enjoy a green, lush lawn that will stay healthy for years to come!
Unrolling Sod