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outdoor-lighting-2We prefer the term “outdoor lighting” because a good lighting job will include more than landscape lighting. Most landscape lighting companies will just highlight a few of your trees, but a well trained outdoor lighting designer will highlight not only the best aspects of your landscape and garden but may also include your architecture and the physical structures on your property including your deck, steps, arbor, pool, pergola, or gazebo. We will design and install a night lighting system that will illuminate all your property’s best features throughout the evening. Why enjoy your home and landscape only during the daytime? Once you’ve seen how amazing it all can look when it’s been illuminated properly, you’ll see your living space in a whole new light!

Consider outdoor lighting for both aesthetics and safety. Here are a few reasons to make outdoor lighting a part of your landscape:

  • outdoor-lighting-1Security – Lighting reveals areas of the landscape where someone might try to hide.
  • Safety – Ensuring you and your guests can safely navigate your walkways, driveway and landscape during the night.
  • Atmosphere – Creating an atmosphere in your home and landscape that is striking and really creates a wonderful ambience.
  • Artistry – Illuminating and highlighting your the best architectural features of your home and landscape
  • Functionality – Illuminating your outdoor living areas so you can enjoy your yard into the evening.